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24th July 2012

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Great piece from Remnick →


The Art of the Profile with David Remnick of ‘The New Yorker’

David Remnick writes for fun. That might seem an odd sentiment coming from the editor in chief of The New Yorker, a magazine known for an eminent tradition of literary and journalistic gravitas. But his kind of “fun” shouldn’t be misread as trivial. What Remnick considers fun to write are the signature New Yorker profile pieces, which involve weeks or months of rigorous research and legwork for the writer (running to many thousands of published words). On the occasion of Remnick’s comprehensive profile of Bruce Springtseen in the new issue, we picked his brain about the art of the modern profile and how the form originated and evolved at The New Yorker.

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23rd April 2012

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Ford Unveils New Car For Cash-Strapped Buyers: The 1993 Taurus


11th April 2012

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and I’m on my way…..I don’t know where I’m going….


But the press let the story leak / 

And when the radical priest / 

Come to get me released / 

We was all on the cover of Newsweek

11th April 2012

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Holy smokes, is Ashley Judd’s media smack-down getting ‘liked’ or what?!

Find out what nearly a quarter million of you are buzzing about! 




Holy smokes, is Ashley Judd’s media smack-down getting ‘liked’ or what?!

Find out what nearly a quarter million of you are buzzing about! 



5th April 2012

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A Short Animation About Following Curiosity to the End of the World

A little blue creature named Archibald goes in search of a mysterious red dot in Childhood of a Circle, a beautiful animated film by Kadavre Exquis, aka François Grumelin-Sohn. The French graphic designer collaborated with John Kassab, an Australian musician and artist who created the rich, layered sound scape for the film.

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27th March 2012

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Tibetan exile Janphel Yeshi, 27, runs as he is engulfed in flames after he set himself on fire to protest an upcoming visit to India by Chinese President Hu Jintao, March 26, 2012, in New Delhi. (AFP/Getty Images)

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Hard for me to believe or understand this. 

Committing suicide is a last-resort measure in any society, but it’s seen as especially extreme for Tibetan Buddhists. Because their religion reveres all living beings, many Tibetans believe those who take their own lives will not be reincarnated. That’s a grim fate for religious devotees who aspire to be reborn, again and again, in more enlightened forms. “But what else can people do? We don’t have guns. We don’t want to harm other human beings. Yet we can’t stand to see our religion and culture being crushed,” lamented one Tibetan man from Lhasa, who requested anonymity because he feared China’s massive security crackdown, which has affected parts of four provincial areas.

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How much emotion it must take to set oneself on fire. Awful

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22nd March 2012

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Ads for Newsweek’s Mad Men edition.

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Yes, there are some good ones in us this week.

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29th March 2011


Eman al-Obeidi's Rape Accusations Against Gaddafi's Regime →